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I got on of the best opportunities to go fishing the other day and the end result was as good as it gets. For most of us taking time with family is the most important thing and to do it on the water is even better. I got to take my wife, mother in-law, and nieces out for an afternoon on the water. The warm sun and running motors made for the perfect combination for the girls to get a pre-fishing nap in while making our way to Pensacola Pass.

I didn’t think much about what kind or how many fish we were going to catch but the results would surprise even the best. Before I could even get the 2nd rod out the first one was going off and the fast action from the spanish was perfect for these youngsters. It didn’t take long for the girls to get the hang of things and real them in like an old salt. With in 2 hours we had plenty for fresh dinner, smoked dip, and swordfish baits. These same fish I got to share with my nieces would end up producing swords the next day.

The next day was about as perfect as it gets. Flat calm seas and cool spring like temperatures made the hour run very comfortable, never spilled a drop of coffee. We reached the sword grounds by 700am and with a coffee filled crew we were eager to see what was to come. It was less then 1 min of having the bait down and we got a bite. The fish hit three times before finding the hook and the game was on! By 815 we had a nice sword in the boat! The day would only get better. The next drop yielded a few hits and a lost bait. 3rd drop and it was just like the first. A 1min soak and the line was tight. We fought this fish for about 45mins before it finally showed itself and gave me the opportunity to throw the harpoon. The fish was down about 20ft and shaking its head. The dart tracked true and hit its target without fail. Amazing day on the water and watched two guys catch their first swords! Cant wait to get out and do it again this week.

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